Art : Only Art  for your home, office and hotels

Art does not have to come at a hefty price! . Prices in its Affordable Art section start from Rs.10000 ($150), and the range is from Impression to abstract; realist to contemporary.

Established in 2007, Renaissance art mart displays an eclectic range of art . You can pick up Limited editions, original works, and other unconventional pieces (mostly priced below $200) which aim to tease, titillate, and make you do a double-take.Located in  the  central shopping district  of coimbatore, this gallery space offers a platform for art aficionados to discover and acquire affordable art .

Spruce up your listless abode with a few affordable art collections .We also stocks reproductions of famous painters like Picasso and MF hussain – at a fraction of their cost!

Our online art platform is where you can sate your thirst for Art from the comfort of your home.
We have more than 180 prestigeous clients from Corporates, Software companies, Educational Institutions & Connoisseurs of art!

What we do?
We also have a library of reputed artists in india, whose artworks can be furnished on demand.
You can also meet us at various Exhibitions, Charity Events, Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Art Awareness programmes, Art contests, promoting New talent and Exhibiting Renowned artists.

Art and Allied Services:
a. Consultancy Services: We offer Upmarket Advisory services to Corporates / Hotels / Hospitals by recommending artworks based on Client’s  profile, style, decor, branding and perspective.

b. Execution : we also execute orders based on client’s requirements.
b. Sales : You get the best buy from international Market at the best possible price.
c. Rent :You can also rent our artworks for your commerical activities say Events, Exhibits, parties…
d. Loan : We offer artworks on instalment basis provided you are an art addict!
e. Frames : We do high class framing for your exisitng paintings/ artworks.
d. Maintenance : We do periodical maintenance of your artworks.